Down goes another one ! American Dream Group still moving this houses. This beautiful couple came together to buy this nice 2800 square foot house with a office formal dining room open floor plan loft and huge master bedroom. Thanks Markell and Mercedez for trusting the process ! Toya Roseboro and Rentbusters ain’t playing out here we’re the fastest growing group in Charlotte !
Over 200 houses sold the in 2 years !
The numbers don’t Lie !
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all of the help, Rentbusters Credit Repair have provided me from the piece of dirt to the completed house. Toya and Gregg help calmed a couple of freak outs and have stuck by me for the long run. When my late husband and I first meet Gregg and Toya, I didn’t know if they were full of hot air or not. Their technique sounded too good to be true but they have proven to knows exactly what a great team they make.
I’m happy to say we finally closed and we are settling into our new beautiful home!
Gladys Carmona
Congrats to my Greensboro clients Shakela Smith and
Chris Martin !! #DrHorton is almost done building this beautiful home for an awesome couple!!! Greg from Rentbusters Credit Repair
laid out the plan and they followed the blueprint and WON!!! November will be here sooner than later!! #AmericanDreamTeam
What a wonderful week as we closed some of our buyers who was in the system for 6-12 months ! Yes it’s a long time but if you’ve been renting all your life what’s the big deal ?
Give us a call or IM me ! I think it’s worth the wait just ask the Anderson’s !
Beautiful Spartanburg SC ! We’re out here with the Harvey’s putting in work ! This is the Dr Horton Vivian Floor Plan 4 bedrooms 2.5 Baths for $215,890 unbelievable pricing. This client started over a year ago but they stayed the course and for that reason we didn’t mind driving 90 miles during the holiday weekend to make their dreams come true.
Congratulations Big Bro on your new home ! We had to fight it out some nights but as promised when we met it was gonna happen. But most importantly special thanks to Mark The Closer Scarrow @ New Rez for getting this done without you this wasn’t going to happen. Toya Roseboro and Rentbusters Home Program does it again ! I want to thank all of our supporters we really appreciate the business.

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